New look for aggregator

by Calida Smylie28 Feb 2014
PLAN Australia has had an image overhaul in a bid to appeal to the ever-changing broker market.

When Phil Quin-Conroy took over as CEO around six months ago, he saw the need to stay relevant to brokers and their clients.

Since then, the company overhauled its image, invested in its team and as the “final piece of the puzzle” refreshed its brand proposition.

“This lets us constantly evolve with changes in the market and prioritise the needs of our members,” Quin-Conroy told Australian Broker.

The brand refresh includes an updated logo, a revived colour scheme, and a new philosophy around ‘excellence through evolution’. The company has also spruced up its broker website, as Quin-Conroy understands the importance of digital communication.

“What the rebrand does is communicate to members what they can expect via what we offer to them. We connect with the broker as an entrepreneur as we help them run a good quality business that delivers great client service,” Quin-Conroy said.

PLAN’s business key is having a large team of sale support staff, he said.

“So it’s not just providing software, it’s providing the support to implement this end-to-end to clients.”

The company’s evolution process involved targeted discussions with a number of members to make sure the improvements were tailored to specific feedback.

The new strategy and rebrand was rolled out at the first series of member professional development days, held across the country over the past two weeks.

Quin-Conroy assures brokers that technology platform Podium 2.0. will continue to be evolved, much like the company.


  • by oldBroker 28/02/2014 10:54:03 AM

    All serf-serving initiatives.

    Love the last sentence which, reading between the lines, states that they recognise the large number of brokers dissatisfied with Podium and will endeavour to 'make it better'.

  • by Greg of Perth 28/02/2014 3:22:46 PM

    All cosmetic bits and pieces and motherhood statements but still nothing to get excited about. Branding is an issues for sure.