New marketing services a hit with brokers, association says

by Adam Smith26 Jun 2014
The MFAA has said its marketing services have proven popular with members, with more than 100 broker businesses taking up the offer.

The association last month announced it would offer free marketing assistance to its members, including free content for websites and newsletters, and reviews of brokers’ current marketing activities via social media and web. MFAA CEO Phil Naylor said uptake of the service has been strong.

“One of the key reasons that our membership has continued to grow in the past 12 months is that members have really embraced this new direction that we have taken and are seeing real value in the free marketing advice on offer,” he said.

Naylor argued that the association’s scale allowed it to deliver such services for its membership.

“We are the only association in our space that has the resources to generate such support for members.  Creating a higher standard for marketing raises the status of the industry as a whole, particularly as many credit advisers are not necessarily marketing experts,” he said.

MFAA head of marketing Stephen Hale said the association has provided a variety of marketing services to brokers.

“We have provided support on a range of key business areas; from engaging commercial referral networks, to accessing Chinese social media for investor leads, to basic website marketing,” Hale said.

Hale also pointed to upcoming marketing initiatives that he said the association would be undertaking in the near future.

“We have five new online consumer campaigns that will run over the next 12 months, combined with new lead email services for the residential market and a press campaign that directs referrers to an MFAA Approved Credit Adviser,” he said.


  • by Dave Robinson 26/06/2014 8:34:25 AM

    10 000+ members, 100 people using the service is ok, but it's not "popular". C'mon Mr Naylor we know you only have 6 months left but there is no need to overplay your hand as the door hits you in the @#$% on the way out!

  • by Scott Beattie 26/06/2014 4:37:41 PM

    I applaud the MFAA for trying to help us with marketing and I like some of their ideas, but personally, I would prefer to see the MFAA doing what the CPA did with accountants.
    The CPA advert really promoted to only use a CPA qualified accountant.
    Food for thought.