New online processing system a 'ten out of ten'

by AB27 May 2013

Mortgage Ezy’s new online processing system, ApplyOnline, scores a tem out of ten, according to sales and marketing head, Mick Conyngham.

 “If a broker forgets to do something, or if something needs clarification on a paper application form it becomes time consuming and costly because it requires us to go back to them with an MIR (Missing Information Request). ApplyOnline eliminates the need for MIRs. So it’s vastly increasing our efficiencies,” he says.

NextGen.Net sales director, Tony Carn, says the company provides a complete set of data that Mortgage Ezy requires to assess a loan.

 “This means they don’t have to go back to the broker and ask for further information. ApplyOnline ensures they get what they need upfront. It’s a tool to ensure that the user is supplying all the necessary information.”

Conyngham says ApplyOnline possesses all the functionality and sophistication required to give the wholesale lender’s broker network the tools to gain efficiencies.

Compliance has produced additional obligations and extra paperwork for brokers who want to match or surpass their pre-NCCP targets and Conyngham says the advantage with ApplyOnline is that, in over 96% of cases, an indicative decision on Mortgage Ezy applications can be provided ‘very quickly’.

“That level of turnaround time for a broker is invaluable,” he says.