Non-bank lender waives fee

by AB07 Mar 2014
Non-bank lender Resimac Financial Services (RFS) is waiving risk fees on all specialist lending products with an LVR of 70% or less.
The waiver is a promotion which will run to 30 May and covers the full range of the Resimac specialist lending suite, including full doc and all alt doc products.
It means borrowers can save up to 1.25% of the loan amount, Resimac chief commercial officer Allan Savins said.
“RFS have products and policies that allow us to consider any loan application based on the needs of the borrower. In an environment where competition in the market has diminished, the choice non-bank lenders such as RFS offer are key to helping brokers find a solution for their clients more often.”
The company will keep developing products and systems for flexible solutions to clients’ needs, he said.
Resimac was recently named ‘best self-employed lender’ at the Australian Lending Awards last month.