Non-major announces new head of broker distribution

by Mackenzie McCarty05 Nov 2013

General manager of Adelaide Bank, Damian Percy, has announced a new head of broker distribution to lead Adelaide Bank Broker Distribution Division at the national level.

“I am very pleased to be able to announce that Fons Caminiti is the new leader in the position of senior manager, Broker Distribution,” says Percy.

“This new role is a key part of the restructuring and repositioning of our broker business interface and I am confident Fons will utilise his significant experience and unparalleled enthusiasm to great effect.”

Adelaide Bank has undergone a restructure which includes the splitting of the original head of broking role into two separate positions.

“One is focused on the relationships and distribution and that’s the one that Fons is taking over…The second role which has come out of the restructure is head of broker/customer experience - and that role is dedicated exclusively to the experience that our broker customers have.  That’s everything from the tone of correspondence, to our website, to the way our call centre operates for those guys.”

Percy tells Australian Broker the bank has yet to make a final decision on who will take up the second position, but says he’s excited to have Caminiti taking on the position of head of broker distribution.

Caminiti has been an employee with Adelaide Bank for more than thirteen years and has attained extensive ‘hands-on experience and knowledge’ within residential lending divisions, according to Percy. He spent three years as a business development manager within the broker channel in South Australia and has been state manager for mortgage management within Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales for the last seven years.

“I look forward to leading the Adelaide Bank Broker Distribution Division and relish taking on the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for our business. It’s a very exciting time to be involved with the Adelaide Bank Broker business, particularly as we’re investing heavily to enhance our broker offering,” says Caminiti.

“I will continue to build on the work that’s already begun in reinvigorating and enhancing our value proposition for the broker channel. I have a national team of committed industry professionals who will continue to focus on brokers and our business partner’s needs”, he says.

Percy adds that Adelaide Bank has been making changes to the way the business assists brokers and their clients as part of a broader push to ‘rejuvenate’ the brand in a highly competitive market. 

“Our recent rate reductions are also part of some exciting changes we’re implementing to create a better environment and a more compelling case for our broker partners to do business with us.  We’ll remain a true ‘broker only’ bank and we’ll continue to improve our service and processes and maintain our market leading turnaround times. Great turnaround times are a key feature of our value proposition and greatly appreciated by busy brokers, particularly in hot capital city property markets.”


  • by Chris Slater 5/11/2013 9:28:34 AM

    Congratulations Fons - well deserved. I wish you all the best.

  • by Michelle Collins 5/11/2013 10:06:25 AM

    Congrats Fons! A credit to your hard work

  • by Melo 5/11/2013 1:02:53 PM

    Great to hear ,Adealide Bank going to be Brokers Bank under new leadership.Couple quick tips ,which nothing new.1)Keep it simple.Most Lenders have over enginereed ,simple home loan process,with over top forensic check lists ,paper + unnecassry conditions ,forms.2)Have degree common and good business sense when assessing loans.
    90% of stopped applications ,could go unconditional first up ,if assessors used this principle.
    3)Product range + documents to be easy to read ,complete+understand.