Price comparison sites not a broker replacement, says site CEO

by AB02 May 2013

The advent of price-comparison sites invokes a range of reactions from brokers. While most will attest there’s no competition, that may be ignoring the opportunity for collaboration, CEO, Alex Parsons, tells BrokerTV.

Parsons says he doesn’t view comparison sites as a replacement for brokers.

 “I think price comparison websites can quite quickly enable consumers to understand their certain set of circumstances, their certain set of variables and what’s available for them as individuals, whereas brokers can take that one step further and have a much deeper, more valuable relationship with that consumer and help them get to the point of decision-making. I think, for a lot of brokers, that should be a win/win situation for both them and the price comparison sites.”

While Parsons says that by no means will brokers become irrelevant, the role may need changing to tap into the shifting demands of the market.

“I don’t think the role of the broker is becoming redundant, but it certainly is changing. I think that with data at peoples’ fingertips 24/7 and their ability to get a deeper understanding, the value that a broker delivers to the consumer is definitely changing.”

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