Quick Fire: Aaron Russell-Smith

by Mackenzie McCarty17 May 2013

In this inaugural edition of Quick Fire, we ask Statewide Mortgage Solutions broker, Aaron Russell-Smith about the important issues: Bands, party tricks and beer

1. AB: If a random one of our readers came to your house for dinner tonight, what would you make him/her?

Aaron: A 20-piece feed from KFC

2. AB: What was your first job?

Aaron: The family business: tree lopping.

3. AB: Tea, coffee, or something stronger?

Aaron: A tallie of V.B.

4. AB: Where would you most like to go on vacation?

Aaron: Hawaii

5. AB: Where would you least like to go on vacation?

Aaron: The Bering Sea, Alaska

6. AB: Who was the last band you saw live, when was it and how were they?

Aaron: Powderfinger; their final tour. They rocked.”

7. AB: What's your favourite party prank?

Aaron: Putting glad wrap under the toilet seat. It got messy

8. AB: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Aaron: I'm going to be the next John Symond…look out John, I'm coming!


  • by Todd 17/05/2013 11:05:55 AM

    Love it... there will be some great stories come from this...

  • by Keith 17/05/2013 11:33:08 AM

    What a useless bit of information!

  • by Brian 17/05/2013 2:06:35 PM

    Lighten up Keith.It is not meant to be useful.