'Raymond' sticks it to the banks

by AB19 Jun 2009

At a media lunch yesterday during which RAMS announced plans to double its franchise network and expand into new territories it also had a poke at its banking rivals.

Having recently been awarded the non-bank lender of the year award by Money Magazine, journalists at the lunch were treated to a video showing its mascot "Raymond" (the non-bank's woolly ram) getting out of limos in mock Hollywood celebrity style surrounded by the paparazzi.

Cameras then followed Raymond around the Sydney CBD as he danced cheekily and waved his rear end in front of BankWest, ANZ and CBA branches.

During the lunch, RAMS CEO Melos Sulicich highlighted how the brand had grown since being relaunched in January 2008 (following it being sold to Westpac in October 2007).

"In January 2008 we didn't have a customer base. Just 18 months later and we have over 15,000 customers," he said.

Also at the lunch, Clive Kirkpatrick, RAMS head of franchising, revealed plans to expand into new territories with five new franchises in South Australia and two in Tasmania.

Overall, RAMS plan to double its franchise network over the next few years - it currently sits at 44 franchise owners and 80+ stores.

"We are looking to expand into new markets, not just those where we are traditionally strong," Kirkpatrick said.


  • by Dave 19/06/2009 8:37:03 AM

    Your kidding me.

    RAMS is now Westpac. Independnence gone forever.

    AUSSIE is now CBA. Same deal.

    Time for new action these are the past.

  • by Broker 19/06/2009 7:50:50 PM

    Hi Dave,

    surley you must have known that RAMS was purchased by Westpac? There was plenty in the papaers about the takeover which happened in January 08. If you notice there are plenty of differences between the Westpac policies and that of RAMS and the pricing is also different.

  • by JJ 21/06/2009 9:29:21 AM

    Broker, you must be kidding. Feeding RAMS is like feeding Westpac. If RAMS doesn't peform, Westpac will give it the flick. For your info, Westpac's head of 3rd party distribution was formely with RAMS.....RAMS policies are SET BY WESTPAC.....so as for "Raymond sticking it to the Banks" is a whole lot of rubbish