Real estate empire thanks broking industry for its success

by Julia Corderoy19 Jan 2015
Major real estate empire Ray White says a “milestone” was reached for the mortgage broking industry in 2014 – a milestone that helped it reach a "record-breaking" month.

The Ray White Group, which has a partnership with broking franchise Loan Market, recorded a “record-breaking” December which culminated in the Group reporting a result of $3.37 billion for the month. A result that would be an “outstanding month at any other time of the year let alone one dominated by vacation and family time” said Ray White Group’s joint chairman, Brian White in his monthly White Paper.

White said the record result was largely buoyed by the success of the mortgage broking industry and, by extension, its sister company, Loan Market.

“In 2014, a milestone was reached for the mortgage broking industry. Brokers were responsible for 51.5% of all residential loans in the September quarter. The trend toward customers engaging with brokers has been growing consistently over the past 12 months, and shows positive indicators for 2015.

“In December, Loan Market recorded its highest settled loans in all states bar one, with 15% growth on average results for this financial year," he said.


  • by CharlieX 19/01/2015 8:19:46 AM

    sounds like a great vertical strategy. most real estate and finance firms must be using this concept?

  • by Dave Robinson 19/01/2015 10:41:09 AM

    "reporting a result of $3.37 billion for the month" is that house sales, mortgage applications, the directors bank balance, settlements...a figure plucked out of the air???

  • by SEQ Broker 19/01/2015 5:34:43 PM

    Fantastic result. No wonder the top 30 are lavished and every other broker can suit them selves.