Real estate group finds success in broking

by Maya Breen25 Mar 2015
Victoria’s largest real estate network says it is thriving from the response to its mortgage broking arm.
Barry Plant Real Estate’s expansion into mortgage broking, Barry Plant Financial Services (BPFS), has returned positive results for the company, according to BPFS general manager Peta Siebert. Siebert said their broker confidence is high.
“The referral relationship between offices and brokers is strong, which is evident in steadily increasing lodgements month on month for the last 6 months,” said Siebert, with an average 140% increase in lodgements based on the last two quarters.
BPFS has added 11 new brokers to its team in the last year and grown the network of offices it deals with from four to 43.  
Siebert also said the franchisees have been quick to recognise the benefits of the partnership, which gives them an increased service offering in a highly competitive market.
“Engagement with BPFS reduces the chance of finance clauses falling over, creates quicker turnaround times on property sales and most importantly provides a genuinely valuable service to clients.
“We are constantly searching for ways to improve our service delivery to brokers and clients.” 
Siebert said an example of this is their new internal follow-up service through which current Barry Plant customers are offered an obligation free finance assessment.
“This initiative alone has been incredibly successful,” she said.
The company's customer interaction has increased from an average 50 active customers a month to 204 within the last six months.
“The joy in my work is in helping our brokers grow their own business within a business and seeing the job satisfaction they gain from building positive referral relationships with agents while helping the end customer in realising their dreams,” Siebert said.