Sexing up the mortgage industry: How to attract young people into broking

by Mackenzie McCarty13 Mar 2013

Attracting young people into the mortgage industry has proven something of a challenge the last couple of years, with the average age of a loan writer creeping steadily upwards. However, there may be some signs of a turnaround, says one top broker, so long as those already in the industry are prepared to do a bit of group-promotion.

Loan Market’s Queensland state manager, Andrew White, whose office is involved with running a major broker training program, says things are slowly improving in terms of attracting fresh faces and the way forward is becoming increasingly less hazy.

“Our information seminars and academy classes are getting younger and younger.  A lot of our new entrants are being referred by others that have gone through our academy, have seen our information posts on social media or been recommended by our real estate family.”

But there’s still a lot to be done in promoting the career path to a younger demographic, he says, and a good place to start is by mobilising the industry’s voice in the marketplace.

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  • by Scott Beattie 13/03/2013 9:39:26 AM

    Whitey can be the centerfold in a men of broking calender!! :)
    I am not involved with Loan market (and never have been), but I think Whitey has a wealth of knowledge and always has some great positive things for our industry.