SMSF streets ahead in customer satisfaction

by AB03 Jul 2014
Self-managed super continues to far outstrip other classes over superannuation in terms of customer satisfaction.

A new report from Roy Morgan shows self-managed super funds clearly led industry and retail funds in customer satisfaction. In May, SMSF saw a 75.6% consumer satisfaction rating. Industry and retail funds trailed significantly, at 55.8% and 53.7% satisfaction, respectively.

Roy Morgan industry communications director Norman Morris said the financial sector should take notice of the high levels of satisfaction with SMSF.

“It is worth noting that even when the larger balances held in self managed funds are allowed for, their satisfaction remains higher than other funds. The majority of self managed funds have balances over $250,000 and when satisfaction is compared to industry and retail fund members with balances over this amount they are still well ahead," he said.