South Australian broker wins entrepreneurial accolade

by AB22 Aug 2013

A South Australian broker has won the prestigious Anthill ‘Top 30 under 30’ award for young entrepreneurs.

Tish Naughton launched her finance business, Black Sheep Finance, in Kent Town last year and quickly found her down-to-earth attitude set her apart from her rivals.

 “Most finance companies are full of pompous jargon and they don’t actually care what you are trying to achieve and tend to scoff at your dreams,” she says.

Naughton’s tagline, ‘stand out from the flock’, is not just symbolic of her businesses offering - but also of her own personal journey.

Black Sheep Finance is, in fact, her third attempt at starting a business in finance. Naughton ascribes her earlier shortcomings to differences in ‘ethics’ with her partners and recounts the hardship of having to rebuild her client base more than once. At one point, she was laying storm water pipes and selling off furniture to keep afloat.

“I am so passionate about what I do and stubborn as a mule, so quitting was never an option. If you have big hairy audacious goals then you have to be willing to sacrifice and do whatever it takes.”

The 26-year-old holds a Diploma in finance and another in management, is pursuing a third in financial planning and was the first person in South Australia, of any age or gender, to obtain the designation of Certified Exit Planning Advisor.

Anthill is Australia’s largest online community of entrepreneurs and its 30under30 award aims to encourage and promote entrepreneurship among young Australians.