Specialist lender announces return to aggregator panel

by AB25 Jun 2013
A major aggregator has inked a deal to add a specialist lender to its panel.
Bluestone has announced it has entered into an agreement with AFG to provide specialist home loans to the aggregator's broker network. The company said the partnership would provide Bluestone with access to 1,800 brokers in AFG's network, and would enable brokers to offer a broader suite of home loan options.
Bluestone exited the mortgage market during the GFC, transforming its business into portfolio and capital management. But AFG general manager of sales and operations Mark Hewitt praised Bluestone's return to specialist lending.
“We believe that specialist lending is an option that is under utilized by brokers and we are very pleased to see Bluestone return to the market with the intention of reinvigorating the sector,” Hewitt said.


  • by Country Broker 25/06/2013 10:07:02 AM

    HMMM what would concern me if I was an AFG broker is when the going get tough ( and it will , hopefully not as bad as the GFC!), can the y continue to fund and pay trailers ? Note I am not an AFG broker.

  • by Mark Hewitt AFG 25/06/2013 12:53:26 PM

    Hi Country Broker. One of the reasons we reengaged with Bluestone is that they did meet all their contractual commitments during their absence. The ongoing ability to honor contractual commitments is a very important consideration in our due diligence when bringing any lender onto our panel.