​Strong employment growth predicted in advice, credit roles

by 13 Jan 2014
Employment in real estate, credit and advisory roles is set to grow significantly in the coming decade, according to the latest figures.

The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed significant growth in every category related to credit, finance and real estate is expected between now and 2022 – with one notable exception.

Employment opportunities for credit authorisers, checkers and clerks is expected to fall 3.2% in the coming years as automated processing makes many roles redundant. Brokerage clerks are expected to see minimal growth of 3.8%.

Opportunities for brokers and loan officers are predicted to grow 7.7%.

The largest area of growth in the sector, however, is set to be financial advisers, with employment opportunities tipped to grow 27%. Credit/debt counsellors can also expect a high number of opportunities, with growth set at 20.7%. Opportunities for real estate agents are set to grow 11%.

The largest overall area of growth across all industries was in the healthcare sector, with personal care aides and home health aides looking at a nearly 50% rise in employment opportunities.

Jobs in the postal service are due to take the biggest hit, dropping around 30% for most job titles.