Tech company partners with RP Data to deliver on the spot vals

by AB13 May 2014
Mortgage software provider Stargate Group has partnered with Australia’s largest property and analytics information business, RP Data, to provide brokers using the SymmetryCRM solution with easy access to RP Data’s point of sale valuation solutions.

Including RP Data’s automated valuations and property profiler will provide Stargate’s users with the added sales tools needed to close more deals and manage customer expectations better, Stargate CEO Brett Spencer said.

“Being able to give customers an on-the-spot property valuation will speed up the loan application process and provide borrowers with a better broker experience.”

The SymmetryCRM platform is the only mortgage broker IT platform to offer these services from RP Data, Spencer said.

RP Data CEO Graham Mirabito said this is “just the beginning” with more tools from the more than 50 products in the RP Data stable likely to be implemented with Stargate soon.

“Starting with our most popular broker products, the inclusion of the RP Data Automated Valuations and Property Profiler products will give brokers the added advantage of the only broker platform available to provide integrated RP Data service within their current workflow, providing increased broker efficiency and enhanced consumer experiences,” he said.

Stargate, 2014 MFAA support services provider of the year, has worked with thousands of mortgage originators and brokers, aggregators and other third party It suppliers over the past 40 years to provide systems responsible for the processing of more than $400 billion worth of loans, the company said.


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  • by Tired of promises 17/05/2014 11:26:53 AM

    It was announced over 4 years ago and still nothing. Still the same slow and outdated website to use as it has always been.

  • by James Smith 19/05/2014 11:34:32 AM

    Well said Symmetry = cemetery

  • by NotSoOldBroker 21/05/2014 11:10:01 AM

    Not sure what century you are operating in tired but the platform has come a long way in the last 12 months including a few front end update.

    If you attended the MFAA Conference, you would have seen this in action and the RP guys at the stand.