The return of Rudd. Does it make a difference for brokers?

by Adam Smith27 Jun 2013
While the future for Australian government may remain up in the air following last night's leadership change, little should change for brokers, it has been claimed.
After Kevin Rudd dramatically wrested the Labor Party leadership from Julia Gillard last night, Wayne Swan resigned his position as Treasurer. But MFAA CEO Phil Naylor has told Australian Broker the move will not hamper the association's lobbying efforts.
"Ministers come and go, whether they're the same party or different parties, and we always learn to deal with them," Naylor said.
Chris Bowen is widely predicted to take Swan's place as Treasurer, though the position could be short-lived as Rudd is expected to call a quick election. With an election looming in the near future regardless of Rudd's actions, Naylor said it's too early to tell what impact - if any - the leadership change would have on the mortgage industry.
"As always, we'll be working with whoever's in place to get the best deal for our members," he said.


  • by Chris C 27/06/2013 11:12:10 AM

    What ....... we lost the Worlds Best Treasurer ???

  • by SIDBROKER 27/06/2013 12:33:35 PM

    Rudd is Dud, So what else is new.