Top broker taps former bank exec as general manager

by Adam Smith04 Feb 2014
A leading mortgage broker has hired a bank's former third-party head as general manager.

Smartmove, helmed by MPA Top 100 brokers David Brell and Simon Orbell, has tapped former St. George head of mortgage broking services Darren Little in a newly created role as general manager. Little told Australian Broker the brokerage's growth meant it was the right time for Brell and Orbell to create the role.

"The vision here is to constantly evolve and to grow. As a business, these guys have invested really heavily in infrastructure. The reason for putting a general manager in now is they felt it was the right time to have someone come in and run the day-to-day strategy. Simon and David have done an outstanding job over the past 10 years to get the business where they are today," he said.

Little said his previous experience with St. George would help him bring a unique perspective to the role.

"What I can bring is the different relationships I've formed over the past 25 years in banking. There are a lot of mentoring opportunities," he said. "My role is day-to-day operational management, but also around recruitment, developing education and training and developing bank relationships."