Westpac launches free nation-wide road show for brokers

by AB08 Aug 2013

Westpac’s Mortgage Broker Distribution division, together with RP Data, have announced the launch of their free broker series road shows, commencing in September – the busiest season in home purchasing.

The group says the tour will be ‘dedicated to technology and market insights to help professional mortgage brokers win with their customers’ and that the road shows will be held in all five major capital cities, starting in Sydney.

Each event will showcase the newly-released Westpac Broker Hub Toolkit, accessible via the iPad app, which organisers say will equip brokers with new tools to acquire more leads, close loans faster, retain their clients and reach more prospects from the convenience of their mobile devices while ‘on the go’.

The app also allows accredited brokers to evaluate a customers’ eligibility for loans and to calculate repayments for clients looking for Westpac home loan product solutions.

“Our approach to the Toolkit has been simple and is aligned to Westpac’s strategy of creating mobile solutions designed to focus on meeting the individual needs of key customer segment groups such as mortgage brokers,” says Tony MacRae, general manager, Westpac Mortgage Broker Distribution.

“The Toolkit’s specifically designed features are perfect for mortgage brokers to take their clients through the home loan journey and help them get ahead in making one of the important decisions in their lives, which is to buy a home and achieve their dreams of home ownership with the help of their mortgage broker.”

MacRae says Westpac has been working closely with industry partners like RP Data and that it’s clear brokers want to be able to interact naturally with new innovation.

“We need solutions to help them be more productive in their daily business activities.”


  • by Sydney Broker 8/08/2013 9:58:01 AM

    Wow. That's so exciting...
    I dont have to pay to turn up and be "sold to" for an afternoon?
    What a bargain......
    Are you guys going?? See you there! (or maybe not)

  • by Louis 8/08/2013 10:09:05 AM

    It's great that Westpac are keen on broker business. They cancelled my accreditation because I didn't meet their criteria even though my business has a $50M portfolio with the group. I refuse to pay them a fee to be re-accredited! As far as I'm concerned, it's a gain for other lenders and wonder how many other brokers are in a similar position.

  • by PeterT 8/08/2013 10:27:51 AM

    Another iPad app? Who cares! If Westpac wants business, they need to pass on an extra 10 points at the next rate cut, increase upfront commissions by another 10 points, improve BDM interatctions, allow upfront valuations, then leave it that way for at least 12 months.
    If they can do all that, I may start to write business with them again.