Westpac to provide free RP Data property reports to brokers

by AB14 Aug 2013

Westpac has announced that its iPad app can now be used by its Platinum and Advantage Plus tiered broker groups to download free Property Profile reports by RP Data.

The free reports form a series of key property information now available in the resources section of the app, under Westpac’s ‘Broker Hub Toolkit’ for brokers. It also provides access to online resources including up-to-date Westpac product specifications, Premier Advantage Package brochure, General Insurance information and a Mortgage Journey Guide to assist customers.

“We were the first major bank to launch a broker specific iPad application and today we are delighted to be able to provide more great benefits to brokers through our partnership with RP Data,” says Tony MacRae, general manager, Westpac Mortgage Broker Distribution.

“Not only have we taken the whole service proposition and customer home loan journey and translated this to a mobile application, we want to add the tools and information that further strengthens a broker’s proposition as a key home ownership consultant.”

According to the major lender, the Broker Hub Toolkit was developed to enable brokers to have more ‘needs-based conversations’, ranging from speaking with a client about potential properties and suburbs, to running reports on prospective postcodes or ordering valuations. It also allows users to providing tips to the client on subjects such as local services and amenities through to flagging a client’s property so brokers are aware of any future listings or changes as a retention tool.

“We have developed the ‘Broker Hub Toolkit’ in conjunction with the RP Data team and the reaction from nearly 4,000 brokers who have downloaded the app highlight how Westpac understands the importance of mortgage customer’s use of mobile devices,” says MacRae.

“Our approach to the app has been simple and is aligned to Westpac’s strategy of creating mobile solutions designed to focus on meeting the individual needs of key customer segment groups such as mortgage brokers, rather than just focusing on one big app initiative.”

MacRae adds that there has been a 90% increase in active mobile customers over the past 12 months and the expectation is for mobile banking volumes to surpass desktop internet banking volumes by 2015.

“Westpac Mortgage Broker Distribution is committed to mortgage brokers and is well placed to capitalise on this trend and have the industry buzzing with the developments it is making. Look out for other new on-line tools soon to be launched in this space.”

BrokerTV interviewed Tony MacRae regarding broker technology innovation earlier this year. To watch the full interview, CLICK HERE


  • by Broker 14/08/2013 10:28:14 AM

    Westpac should just concentrate on the issues that really matter to brokers, such as ordering free valuations upfront and getting paid a competitive commission structure, if they want to increase their market share , this should be blatantly obvious them, the rest is just white noise.

  • by PeterT 14/08/2013 11:53:47 AM

    Not planning on getting an iPad any time soon. I would consider it if they published an Android app, but realistically it would take a lot more than this to make me write Westpac.
    Westpac really need to focus on better pricing, commissions, BDM support and upfront valuations, before worrying about the 'fluffy' things.