Whittingham begins five-day hearing in Melbourne Magistrates Court

by Julia Corderoy16 Aug 2016
Infamous trail book scammer Mark Whittingham has fronted Melbourne Magistrates Court on charges relating to 50 counts of Obtain Financial Advantage by Deception.

The five-day hearing began in the court on Williams Street in Melbourne’s CBD yesterday. Australian Broker attended Whittingham’s filing hearing back in February last year, obtaining a list of the charges which show he stands accused of dishonestly obtaining $915,531.26.

The charges relate to incidents ranging from December 2010 to August 2013. The amounts alleged to have been dishonestly obtained from individuals range from as low as $218 to as high as $158,528.

A broker and witness in the case against Whittingham this week, told Australian Broker Whittingham is now taking “time out” until Wednesday to review the reduced charges offered yesterday for a guilty plea. However, in its sentencing, the court will also take into account the 10 months Whittingham has spent in remand.

The broker, who Australian Broker has chosen not to name, claims he was one of the first brokers who started the case against Whittingham after he made two deposits, of upwards of $17,700, to Whittingham to purchase a trail book. He was however eventually refunded the deposits by Whittingham after several attempts to get his money back.

The broker also told Australian Broker Whittingham is representing himself in court.

“The whole reason I started this is so he would get caught and wouldn’t keep going… My whole purpose is to get him known and get him caught,” he told Australian Broker.

Australian Broker will continue to report on the case as it develops.


  • by Dave Robinson 16/08/2016 9:13:56 AM

    Who will be first to get the photo?

  • by WA 16/08/2016 10:35:47 AM

    I informed the toothless MFAA in the early days of 2010 or earlier but they won't lift a finger.

  • by Dave Robinson 17/08/2016 9:05:51 AM

    Hey WA I saw warnings from the MFAA about him but was wondering what else you expected the MFAA to do?