Whittingham in custody on new charges

by Adam Smith18 Mar 2015
Alleged fraudster Mark Whittingham has been remanded in custody and charged with further offences while on bail over charges of dishonestly obtaining nearly $1m through the sale of trail books and rent rolls.

In a statement obtained by Australian Broker, the Victoria Police said Whittingham was charged on Friday 6 March with four charges of obtain financial advantage by deception and four charges of commit an indictable offence whilst on bail.

The charges come in the wake of the 50 charges of Obtain Financial Advantage by Deception Whittingham fronted court for in February.


  • by Well informed 18/03/2015 2:55:12 PM

    About time!! I hope he is sharing a cell with bubba and gets what he deserves...

  • by Xavier 18/03/2015 2:57:57 PM

    Awesome.. Happy to hear he finally got caught!

  • by Andrew 18/03/2015 3:00:15 PM

    About time. At least 10 years doing this.he will be out in 5 to ne with cashed up wife.