Why the role of BDM is changing: AMA winner Damien Muir

by AB07 Nov 2013

CBA BDM and winner of this year’s AMAs ‘Best Bank BDM’, Damien Muir, tells BrokerTV the role is changing and that those in the position need to go beyond ‘product, policies and process’.

“You really need to be passionate about the industry and about the people that you work with; you’ve got to be strong and focused. Planning is really critical. The volume of brokers that we deal with…I don’t think any longer that a BDM can be just a provider of knowledge around policies or products or processes, I think that there’s enough technology and every bank has a broker site where they can achieve or get that information.

“So I think that we need to go beyond that and actually provide them an opportunity or a bouncing board to throw ideas around to effectively provide them with ideas and thoughts around business growth and taking their business to the next level. That’s the key value.”

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