Wizard founder: Bank ownership clouds advice

by BN27 Aug 2009

Wizard and Opportune Home Loans founder Paul Ryan has launched a new consumer website, aimed providing consumers with impartial advice.

Ryan said that with most major broking houses now being owned by banks, borrowers couldn't be sure whose interests were being looked after when they sought advice.

"Homeloanhints.com is independent so people won't get the hard sell and can remain totally anonymous," he said.

The popularity of twitter and instant communication is opening new markets and has changed the way people seek information, said Ryan.

"Users can share their property experiences, ask questions and vent any home-buying frustrations with experts from the home loan industry," he said.

The website promises independent advice from experienced advisors from various home loan providers.

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  • by Pete R 27/08/2009 4:05:48 PM

    should be a great reference tool and it will be interesting to read the borrowers feedback on their experiences through different lenders and brokers - keep it honest and independent.

  • by John 28/08/2009 8:16:25 AM

    Waste of money and time