Brokers targeted in national headhunt campaign

by AB01 Mar 2013

James Green is facing the biggest challenge of his career to date - but he’s still smiling. Tasked with building the broker business for Century 21, Green says he’s learned a lot from his experience with Oxygen Home Loans and has a clear strategy for growth.

“It’s a very simple strategy. We want to recruit quality brokers to soak up the leads [in offices] that we currently don’t have brokers servicing...So I’m looking now for people that want to grow their business with us, [who] want to take on some additional leads for their business.”

Green says Century 21 will be providing training around value proposition to new brokers, so they can be joined with an agent, making for a seamless client transaction.

“We’re now going to be using our ACL so we can attract credit reps that can work underneath our ACL. You don’t have to have your own license and, on top of that, they’re doing a lot more internal PR networking with our group to span the value proposition and sign up more agents and offices to the Century 21 home loans value proposition, so that we can increase the number of leads to those brokers that join our group.”

He says the recruitment faze is in full-swing, with new entrants keen to join the ranks.

“Really, it’s quite a challenge to find those people and that’s why we’ve been looking at a lot of the younger, newer entrants into the market place - because they’re hungry, they want to get out there, they want to pick up the phone, they want to sell the value proposition and make lots of money with us.”

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