How brokers can take advantage of Christmas

by Julia Corderoy22 Dec 2014
While most businesses will close down over the Christmas period, one mortgage broker says brokers can take advantage of delaying their holiday and working over this period.

Leon Vrontamitis, mortgage broker at Smartline Chatswood, told Australian Broker that the period between Christmas Day and Australia Day – when clients have time to unwind – can be a busy period for refinancing. 

“Understandably property purchase activity slows down as we enter the holiday period. However, as people take the opportunity to unwind, they start to think about things which have been at the back of their mind during the year.  

“Often, one of these things is whether they are paying too much on their mortgage and can they get a better deal elsewhere. So, refinancing will be the majority of the business during the holiday period.”

Brokers can also take advantage of the quieter time, says Vrontamitis, and catch up on things that may have been put on the backburner during the year or prepare themselves for the year ahead.

“It is also an opportunity to get yourself prepared for the year by setting out your marketing strategy and preparing to follow up on any clients who were not ready to purchase in the prior year but could be ready now.”

He also believes that the decision to remain open over the holiday period can give him a competitive edge.

“Making clients aware that I will continue working through the holiday period reinforces the idea that I have their best interests at heart and I work hard for them to take the pain out of the mortgage process,” he told Australian Broker.