MFAA president-elect announces key focus areas

by AB15 Aug 2013

Newly-elected MFAA president, Tim Brown, says a key focus for the organisation going forward will be on education, as well as continued legislative activism.

“[The MFAA] are about to launch a new consumer awareness program and out of that...will come a toolkit brokers will be able to also utilise with their own advertising that will help them lift that profile…More relevant education topics - especially in this environment [will also result]– and they’re doing that now with the SMSF training program. Those sorts of things will start to help us reengage with the members, especially now the focus is off the diploma.”

Brown also urges the mortgage industry to communicate and work more with the other financial groups, as he believes there's a lot of common ground.

“I think also working with other associations – I’ve always been a great believer in [the idea that] scale and numbers give you a greater voice in the community. I think a lot of the issues that we’re facing are relevant to other associations, such as accountancy and financial planning and I think working with those associations will also help us lift our profile.”

To watch the full interview with MFAA president-elect Tim Brown, CLICK HERE