NAB to embrace hybrid working permanently with new Sydney and Melbourne offices

by Mike Wood19 May 2021

NAB has announced that their new headquarters in Sydney will embrace the new normal of hybrid working. The Big Four bank’s new Melbourne location is set to open later, but will also be designed with both work from home and office work in mind.

The office environments are to be designed to add to the social nature of work and to help employees collaborate, while their personal tasks can continue to be carried out at home.

“The way we work has changed and this is about creating environments that help our people bring their best to work, so that we can best serve our customers,” said NAB Group Executive – People & Culture, Susan Ferrier.

“Hybrid working is the new normal for most of us with more flexibility in how we work, and our CBD offices remain crucial for collaboration and problem solving, as well as adding to the vibrant culture of Australia’s two largest cities.”

“While we’ve learnt to collaborate remotely in incredible ways, the power of face-to-face connection, learning from others and culture building has been a huge benefit of returning to the office. Most NAB colleagues are now working from the office about 2-3 days per week and coming together for team meetings, strategy sessions and to solve customer problems.”

“Days at home are often spent on focussed or individual work. Whether it’s the home, office or elsewhere, where we work will likely be driven by where our customers need us most.”

The news comes on the back of NAB’s Wellbeing Insight Report, which suggests that the hybrid working model is here to stay.

The headline takeaways from it were that 40% of Australians now work from home more frequently than they did before COVID-19 struck, and that an average of two days a week are now spent at home rather than in an office.

This is particularly true in Victoria and New South Wales, which lead the nation in terms of time spent working remotely.