Specialist lender wins Best Mortgage Fund in Australia award

by Julia Corderoy08 Dec 2014
Specialist lender La Trobe Financial has won Money magazine’s Best Mortgage Fund in Australia for its pooled mortgages option. 

One of the award judges for Money magazine, Louis Christopher commented that “Contrary to many of its peers within the mortgage sector, the fund has remained open and has fulfilled all maturity redemption requests since its inception.”

La Trobe Financial’s Chief Investment Officer, Randal Williams said “we are delighted to receive our sixth consecutive ‘Best of the Best’ award. It is a vindication of a focused business strategy that has been developed over a period of more than sixty years.”

La Trobe Financial’s driving principle is that it is far more important to be solid than to be big. We have adopted this philosophy in managing over $10 billion for institutional investors without loss since 1952 and have applied it with equal force to our retail offerings.”