Tool delivers on time-saving promise

by Madison Utley31 Jul 2019

After enhancing one of its core offerings last month, the primary technology provider to the mortgage lending industry is pleased to report “the significant increase in volume” evidenced by those leveraging its new tools.

NextGen.Net launched the fourth version of the Supporting Documents service last month, a component of its ApplyOnline platform.

The enhanced version was launched as an optional upgrade to the system users. Brokers were able to try the new edition or stay with the current model.

According to Queensland Country Mortgage direct manager, Sharon Evans, the Supporting Documents tool has increased efficiency and saved her and her team “at least” 30 minutes per application.

“In a small team such as ours, this time saving is huge and will allow us to better resource our time with brokers to generate more business and positive conversations,” she said.  

“By upgrading ApplyOnline to incorporate the Supporting Documents service for simpler assessment and processing, we’ve established a scalable and efficient solution for applications originating in the third-party market.

“Supporting Docs has really streamlined the process and made ApplyOnline our one-stop-shop.”

NextGen.Net customer account executive, Steven Hudson, has said that the Supporting Documents enhancement is not only widely accepted in the channel, but has become “an industry standard.”

“Leveraging the tool internally brings efficiencies to loan processing and further improves customer service,” he added.